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New Member

Layer 2 loop protection enhancement?


we recently had on our network a simple layer 2 loop problem, with big effects.

Here is the situation: we have a C3750 switch, with STP activate on all ports.

We don't have total control on this switchs, and for some reasons, it is possible that people connect  a 2d switch on it (Cisco or non-Cisco).

What happened several times is a classic case: a person interconnect 2 ports of this 2d switch, creating a loop.

As the loop is created on the 2d switch only, the 1st switch detect no loop, the the uplink port keeps up.

Afer this loop created, a broadcast storm occurs through the link between 1st & 2d switch .. and the storm propgates all over the LAN.

I try to find some solutions to avoid that. One thing I would like to do is to find a mecanism on the first switch, which can permit to block the uplink port on the 1st switch if it sees the same MAC address as source in the 2 directions.

Note that storm control, even configured to a quite low value (ie: 2Mbps) is not efficient enough to protect equipment (we have had big CPU impact on LAN equipments).

Has anyone any idea?



Cisco Employee

Layer 2 loop protection enhancement?


It is generally difficult to protect a network from broadcast storms if a section of this network is not capable of protecting itself against switching loops.

I am not aware of any mechanism that would block a port just because a frame has both exited and entered the switch with the same source MAC address.

I would personally recommend configuring the BPDU Guard on these unprotected ports. If another switch is connected to such an unprotected port and emits a BPDU, either on its own or because this BPDU was received from your own switch, got caught in a loop and sent back, the port will be err-disabled. It is not a perfect protection but I believe it can help.

Best regards,


Layer 2 loop protection enhancement?

The most obvious solution is to use bpduguard:

This feature will err-disable ports when receiving bpdu's on them.



New Member

Layer 2 loop protection enhancement?

Unfortunatelly, BPDU guard is not, for the moment (I know it is heretic, but for some reasons, it is let to some people to add their own switches on our switch; we need at least to find a way to control this adding).

Regarding the storm-control level, I know it is a tricky question (I didn't find answer on the forums): what level to use? I think there are not some specific applications generating broadcast, so I just asked myself, in a classic network (normal network signalisation, PCs with Windows, etc..), what are the cases of important broadcast? What I would like to do is to aply a "packet pe second" limit, quite low (for example: 100 pps). What's your opinion (if even you already tried to determine a limit on your own network?)