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Layer 2 vlan bleeding


I'm hoping someone has come across this issue before and would share with me some insight.

I have a cisco infrastructure consisting of catalyst 6500 series core switches and 50 or so closet catalyst switches. In my data center, I have recently installed 3 sets of symbol wireless access switches, model 5100. I'll call these switches switch-a switch-b and switch-c.

these symbol switches have two ethernet ports, port 1 and port 2. port 1 must be in a layer2 vlan and they are, say vlan-a, vlan-b, and vlanc.

port 2 of these switches attach to a later 3 vlan. The symbo, switches map their layer 2 access ports to the layer 3 vlan according to the switch policy setup on`the symbol wireless switches.

switch-a and switch-b I have trunking enabled on the connection between these symbol switches and my cataalyst 6513. on switch-c I do not.

when I access my switch-c set, I see only the 13 access ports that reside in vlan-c, which is good. When I connecto to switches a or b, these switches report that they see access ports on all three switches, which is not good.

So, switch-a has 37 access ports in vlan-a, switch-b has 13 ports in vlan-b and switch-c has 21 access ports in vlanc, all of tese are layer 2 vlans.

I need to find out what my cisco network is propogating these l2 vlans.. switches-a and -b report 71 access ports and switch-c reports 21 access ports.

symbol stated that this is a cisco issue and that I needed to prune my vlans, or check spantree. I really don't believe the issue lies here.

I am currently sniffing vlan-b and I see only vlan-b traffic, ethertype isn't 6 but a symbol ethertype something like 8676 or something like that I don't remember.

Can anyone offer up some ideas as to why this is occuring? I'm thinking on putting a spreadsheet together showing each switches spantree priorirty as well as manually pruning my vlans I have about 31 vlans propogating thru vtp.

Best Regards


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