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Layer 3 connectivity issues.

The network is set up like this.

Host -----> 3750 (classic) running IPSERVICES stack ----> 3550 router -----> VPN 3005 Concentrator.

IP routing is disabled on the 3750 (it's acting solely as a switch)

IP routing is enabled with an EIGRP process running on the 3550 router that has the network for the 3005 broadcasting.

I can ping the vpn 3005 concentrator from a telnet session in the 3550 but not from the 3750.

I can ping between the 3750 and the 3550 vlan management interfaces.  Visually speaking it's like this

3750 ------> 3550  [Success!!!!]

3550 ------> VPN 3005 Concentrator [Success!!!!]

3750 ------> 3550 --xxxx--> VPN 3005 Concentrator [Timeout....]

I know this because I tracerout to the 3005 from the 3750 and it resolved the default gateway configured for the 3550 properly but then started timing out.

The 3750 is trunked to the 3550.

3750 is vtp client mode

3550 is vtp server mode

I'm wondering if there's a layer 2 issue involved here as it is a VTP domain and maybe it's not returning properly.  Any advice?



Re: Layer 3 connectivity issues.

Hi Justin,

Due to your issue, I suppose that the 3750 and the VPN Concentrator are in different VLans, can you confirm/infirm ?

If yes please provide the Vlan IDs and the IPs .


Cisco Employee

Layer 3 connectivity issues.

You may want to check if you have the route from the VPN 3005 Concentator back to the 3750 in addition to the vlan.

can you share the routing table of 3550 and the VPN 3000 COncetrator??

-Vijay Swaminathan.

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