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Layer 3 Status: 29 Active Layer 3 Call(s)

Dear Experts,

We having a contact center with PRI (30 channels). recently we faced a problem with outbound / incoming calling from/on the PRI.

Eg:- Outgoing calls were not getting matured and require multiple attempt to connect on called number. For incoming showing route is busy or no. busy.

When we checked on Router "show isdn status". it is showing.

Layer 3 Status:

        29 Active Layer 3 Call(s)

        CCB:callid=14E9, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=21, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=14EE, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=17, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=14F1, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=3, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=14F7, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=19, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=14FB, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=10, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=14FD, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=30, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=14FE, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=25, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1502, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=13, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1505, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=5, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1506, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=2, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1507, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=23, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=150B, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=18, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=150C, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=26, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=150D, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=1, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=150E, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=7, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1512, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=24, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1513, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=27, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1515, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=6, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1516, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=9, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1517, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=29, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1518, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=31, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1519, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=20, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=151B, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=14, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=C263, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=8, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=151C, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=4, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=151D, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=22, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=151E, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=28, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=151F, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=11, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1520, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=12, calltype=VOICE

        CCB:callid=1521, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=15, calltype=VOICE

    Active dsl 0 CCBs = 30

    The Free Channel Mask:  0x80000000

    Number of L2 Discards = 0, L2 Session ID = 85

As i understand, 29 channels are consumed by calls, due to which outgoing/incoming calls were not getting matured on single attempt. Pls correct if the same is right else please clear the exact root cause.



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