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Layer 3 Switch BCMSN Simulator / Packet Tracer

I have noticed that an ideal CCNP BCMSN Lab includes 2 x 3560 L3 Switches. Which is a little cost prohibitive in the UK for a home lab! I have bought a couple of 2950s to play with, my question is Packet Tracer 4.1 doesn't seem to include a Layer 3 switch - does anyone know of a good simulator to use, so that I can practice L3 routing/switching while using 'real' kit for the rest of my BCMSN training? Or any news on Packet Tracer 5.0?

I know I can use 'router-on-a-stick' to work around this issue and L3 switching is only a small part of the BCMSN, I was just hoping someone had a nice tip or solution to get around buying some 3560s!

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Re: Layer 3 Switch BCMSN Simulator / Packet Tracer

Renting rack time from an online vendor that has BCMSN Labs would probably be your best option.

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Re: Layer 3 Switch BCMSN Simulator / Packet Tracer

That's a fair point and a good idea, I just like the idea of being able to practice when and where I like, maybe when on a flight or away from the internet or in my hotel room. So, a self-contained simulator on my laptop would be ideal, which is where Packet Tracer came in so handy for my CCNA, it seems Cisco is lacking in the CCNP area, or am I missing something. I know there is no substitute for 'real' kit, but sometimes a good sim is a very handy addition.

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