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layer 3 switch...

I want to buy a layer 3 switch with the following features:

1. intervlan routing

2. Giga Ethernet ports.

3. Requires at least 8 ports.

Im thinking of WS-C3750X-24T-S or the WS-C3560X-24T-S. Is there a 12 ports layer 3 switch? Is there a better product the the one mentioned before?

New Member

Re: layer 3 switch...


As per my understanding and experience,Cisco Layer 3 Switches are consist of atleast 48 port and more.

For 8 or 12 port,you can check with D-Link ,they probably can help you out .


Vinod Agrahari

Cisco Employee

Re: layer 3 switch...


As per my understanding and experience,Cisco Layer 3 Switches are consist of atleast 48 port and more.

No, not at all. There are 8 port Catalyst 3560 switches available, going further over 12-port, 24-port and up to 48-port in a fixed configuration. The question is, however, whether it is wise to buy such a switch with such a small number of ports as 8 ports. Regarding the possible growth of network in the future and implementation of EtherChannels, it may be actually more reasonable to buy a 12-port or 24-port Catalyst switch.

Regarding multilayer capabilities, all Catalyst switches starting from 3560 and higher are multilayer-capable (i.e. 3560, 3560V2. 3560-E, 3560-X. 3750, ...). I suggest having a look at these model comparison charts:

3560/3560V2 Series:

3560-E Series:

3560-X Series:

Specifics about 3560-E Series:

Specifics about 3560-X Series:

Please note that 12-port and 24-port 3560 series are currently end-of-sale, and they have been replaced with the 3560V2 series:

For a small deployment, you won't need 3750 series switches - their stackability would probably not be useful to you currently.

Sorry for so many links but I assume you'd like to get yourself familiar with these products families.

Best regards,


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Re: layer 3 switch...

Thanks Peter.

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