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Layer 3 Switches

I want to know the terms "mpps","Switch Fabric Module" & " Content Switching Module" & "Port Density"


Re: Layer 3 Switches

mpps (million packet per sec) defines the forwarding rate of switch. Higher value of mpps means higher throughput of switch.

The Switch Fabric Module creates a dedicated connection between fabric-enabled modules and provides uninterrupted transmission of frames between these modules. In addition to the direct connection between fabric-enabled modules provided by the Switch Fabric Module, fabric-enabled modules also have a direct connection to the Catalyst 6500 32-Gbps forwarding bus.

The Cisco Content Switching Module (CSM) adds advanced layer 4 to layer 7 content switching capabilities to the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch or the Cisco 7600 Series Router providing high-performance, feature rich layer 4 to layer 7 load balancing to existing layer 2 and layer 3 features of the Catalyst platforms.

The number of ports on a device, such as a network switch, router or hub. The more ports, the greater the port density, the more devices or lines can be supported by the unit.

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Re: Layer 3 Switches

MPPS: Million packets per second, this is the effective throughput of a switch i.e how many mpps it will be able to switch. For example Cat6500 can switch upto 400 MPPS.

Switch Fabric module: are used to enhance the switching capacity of the switch.For example 6500 has a default thoughput of 32GBPS and with SFM it can go upto 256Gbps. With Sup720 with has a built-in switch fabric it can go upt o 720Gbps.

Content switching module:The Content Switching Module provides high-performance sessions between network devices and a server farm (a group of network servers) based on Layer 4 through Layer 7 information packets. The module allows you to represent a group of servers (real servers) as a single-server instance (virtual server), balance the traffic to the servers, and limit traffic to individual servers.

Port Density:Its is maximum number of ports supported on a switch.


-amit singh

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Re: Layer 3 Switches

Does catalyst 6500 do all the functions which network infrastructure requires??

Then there is no need of router & firewall??

What is recommended?

Cisco Employee

Re: Layer 3 Switches

Hi Sidd,

Yeah cat6500 is capable of doing mostly all fucntions which infrastructure required but as it is always said let the person do what it is meant for and do not overload one person with everything.

Cat6500 can hold firewall, switching, routing , ids but there are different network devices available for these functions so if possible do not load cat6500 with everything and let it handle the core switching and lan routing part so that it can provide full capability for what it was majorly made for.



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