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layer2 vlan reachibility

                   I have a layer 3 switch onto which I have created a layer 2 vlan and assigned 3 ports to this vlan, 3 PCs are connected to these ports. As per my understanding all there PC will be able to ping each other if configured with same ip subnet and mask. Now my question is that if I need to ping these

IP from outside the switch, how could it be possible. I don't want to create layer 3 SVI for this vlan.


layer2 vlan reachibility

You'll need to have an svi to route to it. The vlan itself is logically segmented from the switch and is L2 only. Those devices within the vlan have no default gateway to get out, and because of that you wouldn't be able to communicate with them.


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Re: layer2 vlan reachibility

I understand this however the 3 devices need to be logically segmented which I am using basically for external connectivity; two devices are router and one PC on this layer 2 subnet. I basically needed to monitor these 3 devices, could I add route on the router?

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Re: layer2 vlan reachibility

Hi Arvind,

You can config the layer 3 interface on other device connected to the switch. Without a layer 3 interface, you can only have communication between hosts in same subnet.

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Re: layer2 vlan reachibility

I understand the part about a layer 2 vlan on a layer 3 switch. And I agree that the 3 devices connected to access ports in the vlan should be able to communicate with each other. I am not clear about the part where you want to be outside the switch and communicate with the devices. What is outside and how is it connected to the switch?

If, for example, you have a router that you want to communicate with the devices then you could connect a router interface to an access port on the switch that is in that vlan, configure an IP address and subnet mask on the router interface that is in the same subnet. That would allow the router outside to communicate with the 3 devices connected to the switch.

If that is not the kind of solution that you are looking for then please clarify what is outside and how it would connect to the switch.



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