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legacy question

I know, its a Cisco forum and I'm sorry for this out of context question but I'm sure the veterans here can help me with a non-Cisco problem

I have a Nortel switch, BES1020 that I cannot telnet. I have the IP and user\pwd, I can access the wen console but it doesn't have the option to enable telnet.

I try a DB9 serial connection and can't get anything on screen using the default settings

any help would be appreciated

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Re: legacy question


you can access the CLI consol ??
if no ,you need serial cable : one Ethernet cable with to RJ45 connector + two converter from RJ45 to Serial + converter from Serial to USB
to connect it in your laptop ,,, i try this with Nortel switch and its work fine as console cable .

in web management interface go to security and check if there is any password can add it for Telnet
i think you will find only console password and web password

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Re: legacy question

no, cannot access CLI - that is the problem. if I could I would enable telnet.

tried DB9 cable from the Nortel console port to a serial on a PC but it does not come up, not sure if it require a special cable

I'm not sure I get your connection solution:

is it using RJ45 in any of Nortel's ports going to USB\COM on the laptop


DB9 on the Nortel console port->to Serial\USB convertor on the PC?

on the web management there is a password for telnet but it should be enabled via CLI in order to connect


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Re: legacy question


1-in the market there is converter from RJ-45 to DB9 Serial ,you need 2 converter

2- one ethernet cable.

3- converter from DB9 to USB


connect the ethernet to to the 2 convertor then connect 1 to switch and one to No.3 convertor then USB to your laptop

see the picture attached for more information

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Re: legacy question

yes, that is what I've done but I think my DB9 cable had a problem. I'll get a new one over the weekend and try it Monday morning.

1.connect DB9 to the RS232 on the console port of the Nortel

2. conect the other side of the DB9 cable to the convertor

3. connect the USB to my laptop

will be back Monday with results

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