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Licensing on WS-C3750-24PS-S vs WS-C3750-24PS-E

I did some research and it looks like the only thing different between WS-C3750-24PS-S and WS-C3750-24PS-E is that the WS-C3750-24PS-E version runs a CIsco IOS with the the " IP Services software feature set (IPS)", and the other one runs a Cisco IOS with only the "IP Base software feature set (IPB)".

I know that in Cisco IOS 15, there needs to be an appropriate license installed on the switch to activate the correct feature set.

My question is if I run Cisco IOS 12.x, can I upgrade a unit with a Cisco IOS "IP Base software feature set (IPB)" with a Cisco IOS "IP Services software feature set (IPS)" by just switching out the IOS image?

I am thinking of purchasing a used Cisco 3750 from eBay, but I really want it to have all the IPv6 features enabled and ready for use without breaking the bank.

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Yes you can. I believe you

Yes you can. I believe you can only get to 12.X with those switches anyway (3750-24PS). e.g. c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE9.bin would be your best image and latest image.

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The original generation 3560/3750 series have "paper" licenses.  You can either order them, originally, with the advanced license, the "-E" suffix, or you can order them with the base license, the "-S" suffix, and later, if desired, "upgrade" them by purchasing a paper license.


Technically, the device has no license management, so it will run either the base or advanced IOS; whatever is installed.


As the original generation devices are EoS, I don't believe advanced "paper" licenses are still available.  If not, would be unable to legally run an advanced IOS image on a device that doesn't already have the advanced license.

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I agree with Bilal.   If you

I agree with Bilal.  


If you have the all-FastEthernet model of the 3750, then it means that the switch only has 16 mb flash.  This also means that the "highest" IOS you can use is the 12.2(55)SE-train one.  You will not be able to use any higher IOS due to the limitation of the flash memory.

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