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Limit Bandwidth per Vlan

We have an ASA 5505 and Cisco 1240AG wireless Access points. We have the internal LAN, and a public and Private Wireless networks on different Vlans. The organization is an arena so at times we have a lot of people on the public wireless. When this happens the internet connection drops to a crawl for everyone. Is there any way of limiting the bandwidth between Vlans. Whether by specific amount or even perhaps guaratntting a min amount for the LAN.

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You can limit bandwidth on

You can limit bandwidth on the ASA if the traffic goes through it or if you have a Wireless LAN Controller running the AP's you can provide QoS based upon SSID.


On the ASA it would be a service policy that you could limit bandwidth via policing.


Without knowing how your network is setup, I cannot provide more information.

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We don't have a WLC but all

We don't have a WLC but all the traffic does go through the ASA. We have a 50M wan connection but when the stadium fills up all the people on the public WIFI the rest of the organization cannot barely use the internet so I need to find a way of either limiting how much the wireless VLAN gets or even guaranteeing a min amount to the LAN VLAN. IS this possible and if so how can I do it?


Thanks for all your help

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You can use a service-policy

You can use a service-policy on the ASA:

This is only going to limit outbound traffic and while you can limit inbound (from the ISP) the data has already been received and thus used bandwidth.  it would though force TCP connections to throttle back, but with enough users all trying to do something, a service-policy policing traffic may not work as well as you expect.

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Can you show me any examples

Can you show me any examples of the service-policy setup. The only one I could find online shows how to do it via the ASDM and I cannot get the ASDM on this device to load

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In my previous response I

In my previous response I included a link to the 8.4 configuration guide referencing service policies.  In that reference guide, they provide examples and one that even includes policing HTTP traffic.

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