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Limit speed of Port-channel interface on Nexus 5548

We are going to be moving our Datacenter to a Colo facility soon. We currently have our datacenter in a different building from our main staff connected by fiber across 2 gig interfaces in a port channel.

I would like to limit the speed of this port channel to 10mb to simulate the WAN link at the Colo as a test. When I run the Speed ? command on that po interface on the Nexus my lowest choice is 100mb. Is there a way to crank this down to 10mb just for testing purposes?

Thank you

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Nexus wasn't design to run 10

Nexus wasn't design to run 10 Mbps.  

If Nexus support Policy Shaping, then you might want to try using this method.

I think the only way you can

I think the only way you can do this is using media converter (for ex: OV221T) which converts fiber media to fastEthernet on both side of the link then do your test on 10/100 ports on your nexus.

In this case, you can easily set your desired 10Mbps speed


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I ended up contacting support

I ended up contacting support to see what could be done. This is the response.

Here are the commands you may use to limit traffic ingressing on that port to 10 mbps or the rate you want to.


ip access-list limit-acl

  10 permit ip any any


class-map type qos match-all limit-qos-cmap

  match access-group name limit-acl


policy-map type qos limit-qos-pmap

  class limit-qos-cmap

    set qos-group 2

    police cir 10 mbps bc 250 ms


interface  <>

service-policy type qos input limit-qos-pmap



>> Nexus platform doesn’t support all the qos features for it being majorly a datacenter switch and therefore you could only limit traffic inbound to that port but outbound traffic policing isn’t really supported. This should limit traffic in one side atleast.




when we try to configure that on our 9508, we get this error:

Unable to perform the action due to incompatibility: Module 4 returned status "TCAM region is not configured. Please configure TCAM region and retry the command"

Is there any solution?


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