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Limit switch port bandwidth

I have a 2960 switch on a remote site. The site is connected via a T1 link to our hub. From there, the remote site can go out to the internet.

There is one application sits on a device on the remote site that needs to transfer a rather hugh file out to the internet. Needless to say, that takes up the whole T1 link from the remote site to the hub and slow down the rest of the devices on the remote sites to the hub. My question is that is there such a way to limit the switch port bandwidth for that one particular device.

Any information or pointer to find info is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Limit switch port bandwidth

You can set an inbound policer on the port.

Please refer to the documentation:




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Re: Limit switch port bandwidth

How about using QoS on the router to only allow X-amount of bandwidth for this kind of traffic... use an access-list to define the traffic you're looking to limit.

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Re: Limit switch port bandwidth

Thank you. WIll look into it to see how it works with QOS.

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Re: Limit switch port bandwidth

Besides using QoS features to limit the rate limit the huge file transfer, an even better way (I believe) is to use QoS to transfer the huge file using "if available" bandwidth with a very small bandwidth guarantee. From the reference Edison provided, this appears possible on a 2960 (similar to 3560/3750).

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