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Limited access

I recently started having problems with users losing connection on both wired and wireless, there connections show limited access and when I check their IP addresses they have the 169.x.x address.  Tried release and renew, does nothing, seems to be very random, happens on several different buildings on my campus.  Anyone have any ideas?  I am running a 5508 wireless controller, 4500 core switch and 3560 edge switches, 5525 ASA firewall.  Also a mixture of 1142, 3502i and 3602i access points, dhcp is handled by servers and checked to make sure we still have plenty of addresses left.  Anyone have any ideas? 


Hi bro, u said that the

Hi bro, u said that the problem occurred with wired and wireless users, this mean that there might be a problem with ur internetwork stability, at the first u can check the paths between the clients need to get their IPv4 settings from the DHCP server and their DHCP server,  if these clients r on the same local subnet as the DHCP server, so u have to check full path from these clients to the DHCP server (whether these paths r trunk or access links based on ur design), u can also check if there is any flapping in these links or not by configuring SNMP on the devices (switches), so that u enable these switches to send SNMP traps (for the linkup and linkdown status) if any of the links changed from up to down or vice versa to SNMP manager device to check there is flapping in the links or not.
If the clients r on different subnet than the DHCP server, so u have to check the full path and the L3 level reachablity between these different subnets, if every thing is ok, u can use the SPAN and RSPAN on ur switches so that u can run one of the capturing software (Wireshark is a good one) to be able to monitor the DORA process of the DHCP, and also u can run the Wireshark on the client devices to also monitor the DORA process from the client point of view.

Hope that is helpful.



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