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Limiting BW to a server **anybody??**

What is the best way to limit bw to a server? Here are the details. Server is connected to a 6500 that is running on a sup720 catos/ios hybrid code. The server is connected to a layer 2 gig switch port.  I have offsite users that connect to this server from their site via a 12 mbit mpls cloud.  When offsite users connect to that server to get software updates they run up the bw on the 12 mbit mpls cloud connection to 100% thus impacting all other offsite users.  Is there a way that I can limit the offsite users connection to that server say to only 2 mbits or so? I have looked at cisco docs on traffic shaping and qos policing and I am confused on which one to use. Thanks for your support.!

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Re: Limiting BW to a server **anybody??**


   You have a couple options to reduce the bandwidth for this server.

   First, you can set the speed on the switch port to limit the port to a percentage of its connection speed (10, 100 or 1000 Mbps). Then you can use the srr-queue bandwidth configuration statement to limit the effective bandwidth to a percentage of the switch port speed. The bandwidth percentage must be between 10 and 90 percent.

     For example, you can simply limit a port to 10 Mbps by hard coding that speed. Furthermore, you can limit it to 5 Mbps by setting the srr-queue bandwidth configuration to 50%.

     Since you have a 6500 switch, you can probably do some policing so that when the bandwidth on that port reaches a certain threshold you can begin dropping packets. However, that will be more involved to configure and manage.


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