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Line Protocol Flap on Routed Port

Hi All,

We have a L3 switch with a routed port (Fa1/0/1) configured as a default gateway using ip address x.x.200.129 /28

We have a single laptop connected to Fa1/0/1 with IP address of x.x.200.130

We have removed the laptop leaving nothing connected but now the Gateway Fa1/0/1 is flapping up and down (Line Protocol) every few minutes!

The routed port is on a switch module running inside a 2811 router

I am used to working with VLAN SVIs whereby the gateway (SVI) will go down when there are no active hosts within the VLAN, is this the same for a routed port i.e. once there are no hosts in the subnet would the routed port go down until a host reconnected?

I am trying to estanblish what is normal behaviour

I have tried mocking this up in GNS3 as I have no hardware available to me (that is not production) but when I disconnect the Host the Routed port (Gateway) remains up up which is definatley not correct so I can't trust it as a valid test!

Any advice greatly appreciated as always



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