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Link Aggregation between single Linux box having 2 NIC & Cisco 6509


i have got NAS storage, in that could able to see 4 options, Link Aggregation,Load Balancing,Fault Tolerance & Standalone. when i read the Link Aggregation document mentioned that NAS storage document, it has mentioned that "combines LAN1 and LAN2 into a single channel, appearing as a single MAC address to provide greater bandwidth. Must be used with Link Aggregation capable switch. This feature is also called 'trunking'".

i have connected these 2 LAN cables on my 6509 running catOS, gone through the website in cisco,

based on that i issued the command as below

"Cat6509> (enable) set port lacp-channel 9/2-3"

"Wrong protocol type. Module 9 is set to PAGP",

which means lacp should be enabled in the module 9, so if i issue the command "set channelprotocol lacp 9" will be there in a problem on the network? because 5 servers are connected on to this module, on port 2 & 3 is the NAS storage i have connected for Link Aggregation.


Re: Link Aggregation between single Linux box having 2 NIC & Cis

I guess it depends on whether you have any other channels in module 9 that are actually using pagp as the etherchannel protocol , if so then yes it would break those .

Re: Link Aggregation between single Linux box having 2 NIC & Cis

Thanks for the reply,

but only the servers are connected on this module 9. ether-channels are connected on module 3(fiber module). so that will not be an issue i suppose, am i right watt i have assumed?

also can't we enable "lacp" alone on the specified ports in 6509? why this restriction in cisco that either pagp or lacp alone can only be enabled?

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