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Link-state with 3020 Blade Switches and 3750 Stack

Here's a good one. I have a blade system using (2) 3020 blade switches, (2) 3750's in a stack at the core. 4-port LACP etherchannel/port-channel (Po8) between ea. 3020 and 3750 stack, with (2) ports in the master, (2) ports in the slave. LACP active on 3020, LACP passive on 3750 stack. How to set up link-state groups on this Po8? The doc 'Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3020 for HP Software Configuration Guide', Fig 29-4 shows a very similar config. How can you set up a link-state group on one set of connections to the master 3750, and another link-state group on the second set of connections (but in the same port-channel) to the slave 3750. An interface can belong to only one link-state group, and you can only deal with the port-channel i/f in an etherchannel, not the individual ports. Can anyone comment?


Re: Link-state with 3020 Blade Switches and 3750 Stack

The configuration here shouldn't be any different based on the master/member in the 3750 stack. As far as both the 3750 and the 3020 are concerned, the 3750 master/member switches are just one switch and should be configured that way.


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