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Linking two sites through series of router and switches

If you have a router of 2851 series and a switch of 2960 series and you want to let them communicate in two different sites a communication IP-VPN link is needed. Can anyone tell me if this IP-VPN is a software or hardware between this routers and switches? This IP-VPN must have a data transfer capacity of 1MB. thanks in Advance..see

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Re: Linking two sites through series of router and switches


There are parts of your question that I do not understand. Is it a single 2851 router or multiple routers? Is it a single 2960 switch or multiple switches? What is the communications link between the sites?

But this much I can say and perhaps it will provide the answers that you seek: the IP VPN is a communications protocol that provides protection for data being transmitted by encrypting the data. The IP VPN is implemented by software which runs on hardware. The VPN processing in software may utilize specialized hardware modules. So there are potentially both software and hardware involved in processing the IP VPN.

To achieve transfer capacity of 1 MB the communications link must operate at a capacity of at least 1 MB and the hardware and software must be capable of processing at that speed.



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Re: Linking two sites through series of router and switches


Thank you for the response. Per site implements only a router and a switch. Each router will terminate to a modem then to IP-VPN communication link and same that to the other side. So I'm wondering if this IP-VPN link is a hardwawre or a software given the scenario above? Basing on your explanation above, if CISCO router is capable of processing that speed and data is already encrypted after it goes out from a router then that must be a software...Is Cisco2851 supports that protocol (IP VPN)? I'll be using LAN to transmit my data to the other site. Does the communication link between two sites matters when transmitting this encrypted data? Just a follow up question on this if data comes from an IP-VPN sytem, when a user access such data it needs to connect to the Ethernet of the company by accessing a specific tunnel on his PC/laptop trough an installed software to connect to VPN? Is that how it goes when accessing such data through an IP-VPN system? Is myh assumption correct?

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