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Linksys E2500 constantly drops packets from internet


We just got the new Linksys E2500 router, and have been pretty happy with what it can do, except one thing: route packets correctly.

All of us noticed this problem (very mixed network of Mac, PC, Linux, and Android devices) when we noticed that webpages were slow to respond, or sometimes would even time out. This is especially annoying when ssh'd into another machine outside the LAN. We didn't experience this kind of behavior with the old D-Link router, but had to upgrade because it was on its last legs.

Setup: D-Link cable modem from Comcast, comcast internet, Linksys E2500 dual-band router

I've been pinging through the router by several different methods: throught the wireless connection, wired, and the router itself:


Mac: (Wireless) usually had 10-16% packet loss, and timeouts would begin showing up at the same time webpages were slow to load

Linux: (Wired) usually 0-6% packet loss, no icmp seq numbers would time out (visibly)

My mac pinging the linux machine through wireless would get 0% (or close to it) packet loss. So it appears that the most packets getting lost are ones enroute wirelessly from a computer to the internet. Is there any explanation for this?

I have tried the troubleshooting guides from Cisco, but can't find any one else with this problem yet, maybe because it's so new. There's very little interference nearby (that is visible with an SSID, anyway), and the problem plagues both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. The thing that's really baffling me is that the problems really only occur in the stream from Computer->wireless->router->modem->internet, but nothing else. Also I noticed that it takes a few reboots of the router and/or the cable modem for the router to connect to the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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