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Linksys RV082 Unusable after 'upgrade' to

I recently had my Comcast service upgraded to 16/2; the service Tech actually demo'd 25/8 with a direct connection to the modem. I thought I'd upgrade my RV082 from to The upgrade went uneventfully and the router worked afterwards but web sites (, wundermap on takes 10s of seconds to load now and my speeds via the router are 5/7. I tried direct connection to the modem and got 27/9 so the issue is clearly the router. I tried to go back to the previous version via the GUI menus but it didn't change the version number. Clearly is junk. What can I do to get back to a usable system other than buy a new router?


Re: Linksys RV082 Unusable after 'upgrade' to

The router is prevented from downgrading firmware from 2.x.x to 1.x.x on RV082

v2 hardware.

Here is the Release Notes for RV082 Firmware Version

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Re: Linksys RV082 Unusable after 'upgrade' to

I read the notes before upgrade and knew that I would not be able to go back to 1.x.x.x As I said before, the GUI offers the option but it doesn't work.

My issue is simple; is a bad version and, until it is fixed OR, I am offered some way to get back to vn 1.x.x.x, my router is unusable.

I have now got a D-Link DGL 4100 router that is giving me 27/7 with firewall SPI switched on.

I wonder if Cisco cares that they have released a firmware upgrade that hoses a $300 router and doesn't offer any path back to the working version?

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