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Linux and CISCO

How can I configure a cisco router or switch with Linux? What program can replace the Terminal and how do I use it.

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Re: Linux and CISCO

What flavor of Linux first of all. Second are you talking about console connection or virtual terminal (telnet)?

Nearly all flavors of linux come with a ssh or terminal emulator. You would just need to type in the correct line to connect

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Re: Linux and CISCO

Is Ubuntu the flavor and I am talking about consolo connection??

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Re: Linux and CISCO

On most linux distro the program you need is called minicom. I found out about it in a book called Network Administrators Survival Guide, by Deveriya. Highly reccomended -- includes very simple instructions for how to get it going. You may need to add it from the "universe" collection of programs in Ubuntu, can't remember -- then some configuration for baud rate, port, stop bits etc. Good luck.

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Re: Linux and CISCO

You could also try C-Kermit. We use SUSE Linux (SLED 10) and C-Kermit to do console connections to network devices. There's a debian package available at which is probably the one you'd want for Ubuntu.

If you want more info about C-Kermit itself, try

Once you've installed it (I'll leave you with that bit since you're already using Ubuntu) it's relatively easy to connect to your devices:

1. Open your terminal shell and su to root

2. Invoke Kermit [prompt:~>kermit]

3. C-Kermit> set line /dev/ttyS0 (or whichever tty your serial connection is on the Linux box)

4. C-Kermit> set speed 9600

5. C-Kermit> set carrier-watch off

6. C-Kermit> connect

You should then be consoled into your switch/device.

Hope it helps - feel free to "Rate" if it does.



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Re: Linux and CISCO

Just looked it up. Here is the procedure in a nutshell (assuming you have already installed minicom):

As root:

minicom -s

Select "Serial Port Setup"

Press "A" to change serial device settings

COM1 = /dev/ttyS0

COM2 = /dev/ttyS1

Change Bps settings to 9600 8N1 (option "E" on menu)

Press Enter to return to config screen.

Select "Save setup as," when prompted give is a name such as "console" or "COM1", whatever floats your boat, then press Enter.

Exit from Minicom.

To use the connection you just configured,just type:

minicom -o console

minicom -o COM1

...depending on how you saved your settings.

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Re: Linux and CISCO


Now which version of Ubuntu?

Dapper? Feisty?

I think the program you are looking for is Minicom

Depending on what repos you have set up.

try going to regular termainl session and typing

sudo apt-get install minicom