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Linux and HSRP

We have a group of linux servers connected to two 6500's running hsrp. They are not able to use the virtual ip as their gateway. If they use the actual ip address of the interface, they are able to access resources outside of the subnet they are on. Are there issues with HSRP and Linux?


Re: Linux and HSRP

In theory (don't you love that), the IP address that HSRP uses should be transparent to the hosts regardless of OS. Are the servers connected into the switch directly, or is there an intermediary switch between them? Do you have Windows hosts that are on the same switch as the Linux box that works?



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Re: Linux and HSRP

We have some directly attached and others that are not. We have windows servers on the same networks that work just fine. This is only affecting the linux servers.

Re: Linux and HSRP

Can you give an example of you HSRP config on one of the interfaces, and can you post the output of ifconfig and route from your Linux server?


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Re: Linux and HSRP

Hello Clark,

some issues are possible when the Active router changes: the new Active sends a gratuitus ARP that can be ignored for security reasons by some devices making them unable to use the new VIP.

But this usually happens if you configure the HSRP to use the MAC address of the interface with standby x use-bia

Verify the ARP cache on the linux servers and the entries for HSRP VIP and for the interface IP addresses

Hope to help


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