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LLDP-MED Configuring Location TLV


I have a network with a number of 3560G switches and Nortel phones (1120E). Everything is working fine and I'm using LLDP to issue the Voice VLAN to the phone from the switch.

However given the ability to log into a phone anywhere there is a requirement to issue location based information to the phones.

I've read this is possible using the Location TLV with LLDP.

My question is how do I go about configuring the switches to with this information so that it can be sent. Both the Civic information and ELIN would be great.

Wasn't sure how this is done and whether it used the SNMP-server location field or something.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards


Re: LLDP-MED Configuring Location TLV

Can't help with the location TLV, but I'd be curious to know your phone and switch configuration. From a previous post..

Can't get the IOS to send the voice VLAN unless IP Routing is enabled. I am using Nortel i2004 and 3750, both with the latest code. What does your setup look like?

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Re: LLDP-MED Configuring Location TLV

Hi there,

Yep I also came across the same problem and found that thread to resolve it. I had to enable 'ip routing' on my switches for it to work.

However Cisco say that it should be resolved in release 12.2(44)SE which is targeted for December 2007, this could slip though.

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