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Load balance Script Help


I need some expert advise on how to perfrom probing in load balance environment. This is my first post here... very little router experience.

Basically, I want to load balance two Windows Sharepoint intranet web servers. The two servers are identical. The IIS on each server hosts four web applicatons. I have added a probe file to the root of each applications as followed:





Using the browser, I can login to the above URL and see the probe page fine.

Give the above in, I my to setup our Cisco device (Cisco 11503) to probe each of the URL every so offen to check if it is up. If not, the load balancer should not route traffic to that server. We have setup an Active Directory account call "mydomain\TestProbe" to use to probe the page.

The problem we have is that the return is always unauthorize. So, the question is how do your perform the probing in a script. The problem may be that the user id (including the domain) may not be passed in correctly. Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Load balance Script Help

You will need to implement the HTTP authentication Scripted Keepalive, so the CSS can get in the virtual instance of this server and login as a regular user and mark the service as a life if successful or down if don't.

Before the script you need is "ap-kal-httpauth", and you can check it by typing: "show script ap-kal-httpauth". This script requires of a valid username and password to authenticate.

For further information click this link.

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