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Load Balance with 1 switch and 2 routers


I have 2 internet connections, with 2 separate gateways, is it possible to connect both gatways on a switch, and the host devices also on the same switch, so the host devices can have the full bandwidth of both internet connections, by bundling both?

Cisco Employee

Load Balance with 1 switch and 2 routers

Depending on the models you have the answer can be different.

One way is if your switch is L3 capable you can setup equal routes to the ISP routers (with OSPF or EIGRP or static) and then it will auto-load-balance between too.

The other way keeping switch as L2 is partially doing what you want if you have Cisco routers which support GLBP

Then you can enable it on routers and leave switch as L2 device. Then single host will still use single router to ISP but other hosts can use different routers thus keeping both links utilized and limiting possibility of couple users fighting for single link bandwidth.

Hope this helps,


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Load Balance with 1 switch and 2 routers


Thank you for your lovely help.

I have an other question, I work on Packet Tracer, and I connected 2 switches with 2 ports bundled, with PAgP, LACP, and with etherchannel.

also, each switch is connected with 1 host.

when I ping from host to the other one, I noticed that it's pinging with only 1 port  not both, also, during the ping procedure, I disconnected 1 cable, and it replies with Request Time out.

how to confirm that both ports are bundled?

also, I don't get why it choses 1 link to work with XOR hash algorithm, instead of working of both links at the same time?

I don't get any thing at all.

please Help me to pass CCNP :'(

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