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Load balancing & reduncey with 2 Pri Lines

Dear Friends.......

I have a requirement of VOIP setup and I have 2 Pri Lines of MPLS cloud.

I have 3 r routers, router1 is for IPS 1 (Pri 1), router 2 is for ISP 2 (Pri 2) and router 3 is for Load balancing.

plz explain me how to config load balancing & redundancy....

my another question is E1 Leased line will cupport voip?

ISP 1 IP_172.16.10.1/24

ISP 2 IP_170.16.5.1/24....

Plz explain with config,....


Thanks & Regards, 

Srinivas. N






Thanks & Regards, Srinivas. N.

Hi, Can you explain about the



Can you explain about the 3 x PRIs are they for placing voice calls to the PSTN or are they

dial-up WAN services ?


Normally if they are for the likes of Cisco Call Manager for PSTN calls then you would set up the hunting method for redudancy via the CUCM route lists/route groups/gateways




Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.
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Hi AlexSorry, I have 2 PRIs,

Hi Alex

Sorry, I have 2 PRIs,  PRI one is for main line & PRI two is for backup line, both should work as a load balancing...  they are for placing voice calls to the PSTN ..

My concept is I have 3 routers... Router 1 is for PRI one, Router 2 is for PRI two & Router three is for load balancing...

Plz explain me how to config three router...

I hope In router one need to config with pri voice channels, In router two need to config with pri voice channels & In router three need to config load balancing...


Thanks & Regards,

Srinivas. N.


Thanks & Regards, Srinivas. N.
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