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hi experts,

We have 2 offsite locations site A and site B which are connected to MPLS cloud from where it connects to two data centres at onsite.Offshore sites has bandwidth of 512 Kbps each.These sites acts as backup to each other.We have a local loop connecting ths 2 sites.

Now we have moved our users from siteA to siteB and we wanted to utilize the MPLS link at siteB for siteA traffic.

we want both links at site A to be active-active.

attached the connecivity diagram.

our LAN is behind a pix firewall and two routers are in HSRP.Default static route in pix points to the virtual IP.

The MPLS routers are managed by service provider.

Please advice how we acheive the load balancing with minimal changes in this scenario.


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Re: Loadbalancing-help

Hello Sam,

if the PIX supports it you need to configure two default routes with next-hop

HSRP group1

HSRP group2

then, HSRP group1 has HSRP active RA and HSRP group2 has HSRP active RB.

if this is supported by pix you can achieve outbound load-balancing.

For inbound load-balancing you need to work with your MPLS provider they can do this.

I know that ASA supports multiple default routes.

what is the pix os version and model ?

Hope to help


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Re: Loadbalancing-help

Hi Giuseppe,

sorry,its an ASA 5510 with ver.7.2(3) present at site A.

What i understood from your post is tht

1.configure MHSRP on both router at site A

2.configure two static routes in ASA pointing to vip of the 2 groups.Am i correct ?

I have few questions.

1.How will ASA load balance the traffic between two in round robin way ?

will there be any delay in application access ?

2.primarily we have traffic from site A to two data centres .We thought of allowing traffic to one DC thru 1 link and other through other link.can we configure in this way? we want each link to act as backup to either of the destination.

lastly,I understand this is not possible,is there any way to acheive this without any changes on MPLS router which is managed by service provider.


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Re: Loadbalancing-help

Any other suggestions,Pls help.


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