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Log in messages - Cat 6500 OS/IOS

Other then the banner motd is there any way to add messages that would appear at log in on a switch?

bjw Silver

Re: Log in messages - Cat 6500 OS/IOS

Depending on what you want to do, see the attached Doc, there are some limited customizations you can do as far as menus, messages, banners, etc

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Re: Log in messages - Cat 6500 OS/IOS

Thank you for your quick response. The document helps but it's not quite what I'm looking for. We have occassional situations where multiple engineers will make changes to a switch that will have an adverse effect on one another without them knowing about each other's change that will be performed. If there is a way that messages will appear after log-in that would alert the engineer of future changes. An editable list would be preferred. Messages could be added and deleted as the changes are scheduled completed.

i.e. "message" name, phone #, date

1. The OS/IOS will be upgraded. John Doe 032807

2. Adding a WAP VLAN 901 etc....

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hall of Fame Super Bronze

Re: Log in messages - Cat 6500 OS/IOS

Have you looked into banner exec ?

How about creating an internal change control policy and leave information like that out of the routing device ?

bjw Silver

Re: Log in messages - Cat 6500 OS/IOS

I agree with 2nd poster..... too many chef's equate to a very high risk related to live production gear. Yuch.

There is an option where you could create a text file on a tftp server and use a menu option that might say "1. this weeks change schedule" and when the menu option is selected it simply sends the output to the terminal/console line.

Someone would have to of course administer/update the text file.

So with that said, why not have a weekly email created and sent to all engineers, detailing change schedules. Since it has to be typed, why not stay off the live gear. or maybe an intranet website with a change schedule.

The thought of a different schedule in a text file, for more than 1 router/switch seems to add a very unacceptable level of administrative overhead. Put the change schedule in one place and beat the offenders heartily when chaos occurs.


Displaying the Contents of a File

To display the contents of any readable file, including a file on a remote file system, use the more [/ascii | /binary | /ebcdic] file-url privileged EXEC command:

This example shows how to display the contents of a text file on a TFTP server:

Switch# more tftp://serverA/hampton/schedule.txt


3/30/07 - Joe E. Blow x 1234, Vlan Upgrades 7-10am

4/2/07 - Spanky O'Worser x 3456, IOS upgrade - 5-6am

4/3/07 - Whimsy McCrash x6789, UDP ACL Changes - 7-8am


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