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Logging specific messages

I have a situation in which I want to log a specific message (informational - 6 level), but don't want to enable informational logging and get all the messages that come with it.  Is there a feature in IOS, 3560 12.2(25r)SEE4, similar to the 'logging lists' feature on the ASA that allows you to specify logs that you want to capture without having to change your logging level?  I didn't want to have to write an EEM applet for this, but if that's the only way, I'd consider it.

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Logging specific messages

Greetings Antonio,

There are two main IOS features used to filter syslog messages - logging discriminator [1] and Embedded Syslog Manager [2]. logging discriminator allows you to permit or deny messages based on facility, mnemonic, severity, and the message body and is configured with the IOS CLI. ESM gives you further flexibility to pass syslog strings through a TCL script stored on flash, and only include these in the syslog output if the script returns a non-empty string.

Although those pages reference 12.4 and 12.3, I believe both features are available in recent 12.2S releases. The version you mentioned looks like a boot loader or ROMMOM version not an IOS release however, please check 'sh ver | i IOS' to be sure about the IOS release in use.

If you can't get things going with the references above, please mention the exact IOS release in use and the messages you wish to permit/deny and I can take a look.

Hope this helps,


Re:Logging specific messages

Thanks Phil. May be a typo on the 3560's IOS version. Don't know for sure, I don't have the switch in front of me, I'm out and about (CSC FINALLY ON ANDROID, thank goodness), but I'll double check.

Re:Logging specific messages

FYI, Phil you were correct.  I did copy paste the wrong version.  Too much of a rush I suppose, but for the benefit of anyone else that reads this discussion the version is 12.2(37)SE1

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