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Logs in SW 4507 with Sup 6E and Version 12.2(52)SG

Hi Mala,,

In a network with two switch twins 4507, with redundant sup 6E and Version 12.2(52)SG.  All days appear 3 log messages that, regarding a messages guides of ios cisco, don't represent any problem, and the recommended action this is an informational message only. No action is required. the level of logging is 5 (notification)..  but I have doub it is a real problem...

Dec  9 06:09:06.529: %C4K_SWITCHINGENGINEMAN-4-TCAMINTERRUPT: STANDBY:flCam1  aPErr interrupt. errAddr: 0xAE43 dPErr: 1 mPErr: 0 valid: 1
Dec  9 06:09:06.529: %C4K_L3HWFORWARDING-4-FLTCAMPARITYERROR: STANDBY:FL Tcam Perr with no FwdEntry Hw index: 175683 Hw entry:  Sw entry:
Dec  9 06:09:06.529: %C4K_L3HWFORWARDING-4-FLCMANVFEFLINTERRUPTVALID: STANDBY:FL Interrupt with non-zero valid bitVFE FL flcErr interrupt. valid: 1 errStatus: 0x2000000 replyBusParity: 0x44 replyBusLog.rep: 0x40 0x180000CB400 log.rep: 0xF8082600000000 0x0 0x0 0x102AE43 extLog.rep: 0xFF00000000 0x0 0x0 0x0 tcamIfRxErrStatus.rep: 0x2

Thanks for you answer

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Re: Logs in SW 4507 with Sup 6E and Version 12.2(52)SG

Hello Mala,

L3HWFORWARDING-4-FLTCAMPARITYERROR: STANDBY: this message means a parity errror in TCAM table in standby supervisor.

if the events are regular it makes me think of  a SW bug related to SSO:

the TCAM table of standby supervisor should be in sync with that of active supervisor so that in case of switchover it is ready to take the active role.

if there is no regular pattern in events I would consider if there is any HW in standby supervisor.

Hope to help


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