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Low Internet Bandwidth Through Cisco 6509 Core Switch

We have a new internet access with another ISP.  The bandwidth is 100Mbps burstable to 500Mbps.  We have an ASA 5550 firewall (connected to an outside switch), Cisco 6509 core switch and 3750 for access switches (inside network).  

When connected to the outside switch, internet access speed is close to 500Mbps (download/upload).  But when connected to the 6509, internet access speed is less than 100Mbps.  There is a route-map policy applied on the vlan interface for internet access to go through the new ISP.

There are no errors on the interfaces and CPU and memory utilization are low.  No duplex mismatch and interface speed are at 1Gbps (auto or hard set). There are no policy-map for QoS on the 6509.  Only on the 3750 switches for the Cisco IP phones.

Any idea what could be causing the lower bandwidth when going through the 6509 versus connecting directly via outside switch?  Any comment is appreciated.  Thanks!



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