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mac address

dear all

I am facing a problem when we connect more than model of finger print device to switch 2950 the interface is up , protocol is up

but no mac address can be seen and we cant ping the device.


I tried disable spanning tree, change the port speed, change the arp configuration, change the port to trunk.

in all times  the interface is up , protocol is up but no mac address.


if you can give me advice.



Hi, - How did you set up the



- How did you set up the port that is attach to this Finger print device?

- Can you attach the show tech and indicating the ports where they are connected?

- When you check the CAM (MAC address table) the MAC address is not being shown dynamically or statically being learned?

- What does the CDP shows? Does it show the Information about this devices or it does not at all?



the port is access mode port

the port is access mode port,the mac address is not show dynamically, CDP is not giving any information


New Member

Hi, We had similar issue with



We had similar issue with bar code scanner and at last found that the bar code device is faulty. 

You happen to have any spare finger print devices that you can test?

I have seen a similar issue

I have seen a similar issue with a printer with a static ip address connected to a switch port that configured with the wrong vlan.  Port showed up and up, but not mac address.  Once the port was configured with the correct vlan, the port showed the mac address and the printer starts working.


Does the finger print device have a static ip address? 

Is the switchport configured with the correct vlan?

What is the brand/model number of the finger print device?




the finger print have static

the finger print have static ip , the vlan is correct, model of finger print is "Fingertec R2"

The online documentation that

The online documentation that I referenced for the Fingertec R2 list the directions in a specific order.  Not sure if its important, but it states doing the following:

-> Input the ip address

-> Enable the ethernet function

-> Turn off the Fingertec after enabling the ethernet function

-> Connect the ethernet cable and power on the unit

-> Configure netmask, gateway and speed.

Powering down the unit after enabling the ethernet function may be an important step.

IP address is important, as it is a unique address of the terminal in LAN. Without the IP
address, locating the specific terminal is not possible.
To input the IP address of the
Press Menu > Options > Comm Opt > IP Addr > Key in IP address.
It is important to setup the Ethernet to connect the terminals using TCP/IP connection.
Setting up the Ethernet is done by enabling the Ethernet function:
Press Menu
> Options > Comm Opt > Ethernet > Yes.
Turn off the terminal after you have set the Ethernet setting to Yes. Now, plug-in the
network plug to the Ethernet interface and turn the power on.
Determining the Netmask, Gateway and NetSpeed:
For TCP/IP connection,
please configure the netmask, gateway and netspeed for the terminal.
Press Menu > Options > Comm Opt > NetMask > Insert the numbers.
Press Menu > Options > Comm Opt > Gateway > Insert the numbers.
Press Menu > Options > Comm Opt > NetSpeed > Choose the speed of your Ethernet



If you type show interface "g#" or show int g# status, does it show 100M full, 10M half, Gig/full?  Sometimes a speed/duplex mismatch can cause problems as well.  10M/ half duplex is usually an indication of a speed/duplex mismatch.

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