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Make a Cisco CE500 Switch to behave as dumm switch


how can i make a switch Cisco CE500 to behave like a cheap switch layer 2 ignoring vlans and port security?

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Hello! Just took a quick look



Just took a quick look at the CE500 user guide and the configuration for this device is pretty simple with the GUI interface.

If you want to make your CE500 to work as a cheap L2 Switch, you just need to configure the ports with the Smartport Port Roles as a Desktop / Printer (really, whichever role the ports will play).


Now, regarding the VLAN, this is an expected behavior of switches, by default they're configured (if they're access ports) with a specific VLAN. No changes are required if you want the switch to behave as a simple L2 one.

As for the Port Security, default values do not include this function. Therefore, unless you activate this configurations, no Port Security will be enabled on the ports.


Please review the following link, I think it will be really helpful:


Hope this helps!


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The problem this switch is

The problem this switch is connected through a AP which is in a VLAN in another CE500, before i had a cheap switch and there was no problem, but the CE500 refuses to recognice the AP, i put the AP port as "switch", "desktop" and as "other" with no luck, i read somewhere else i need to put it as router but i haven't done it yet.

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