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Making a 3560 non EIGRP Stubborn :)

hey folks, i'm deploying a 3560 w/ EIGRP and I came across something that I didn't see w/ a couple other 3560's w/ EIGRP I deployed last month - w/ the same code.

Right after I issued the 'router eigrp x' command another command followed it unbeknownst to me until later - the command was 'eigrp stub summary'.

I tried to remove this command, but the switch kept telling me that it was part of this base code blah blah blah. I then decided to grab the code straight off of the other (2) 3560's that I just deployed w/ EIGRP. I loaded it on this new 3560 - the command was still there even after I blew away the EIGRP process and reconfigured it.

I don't want this router to act as a stub, as my 0/0 route is in a different direction (towards a FW that I'm not running EIGRP w/).

SO… can I remove this command or make this 3560 a NON stub rtr?

Its running….

System image file is "flash:c3560e-universal-mz.122-44.SE2/c3560e-universalk9-mz.122-44.SE2.bin"

Thank You,


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Re: Making a 3560 non EIGRP Stubborn :)

Hello Scott,

upgrade to an ipservices image the switch.

I think this should provide a full functional EIGRP support

Hope to help


New Member

Re: Making a 3560 non EIGRP Stubborn :)

afraid someone was going to say that.... i only had a couple of hours w/ this thing yesterday before a 4pm ship out to the UK.

oh well...will give the engineer on the the floor something to do. :)

thank you for your help!



Re: Making a 3560 non EIGRP Stubborn :)

You have base code so eigrp stub is all that it will support , does not support standard eigrp . You would have to get a license to upgrade to ipservices version .

New Member

Re: Making a 3560 non EIGRP Stubborn :)

I just wish I understood why one 3560 has the stub issue and the other did not. They are both runnning the same code. The only diff i see here is that the dir is named diff.

Router in production (no stub command)



router eigrp 10

redistribute connected route-map connected-to-eigrp

redistribute static route-map static-to-eigrp

passive-interface default

no passive-interface Vlan500

no passive-interface GigabitEthernet0/51

default-metric 1 1 255 1 1500

no auto-summary

eigrp router-id





UK (this one had the stub command w/ this same code)


New Member

Re: Making a 3560 non EIGRP Stubborn :)

As you can see i tried both the "universal" and "universalk9" and both gave me the problem.

I went to CCO to download a new code this morning and noticed that I really don't have any other options in the....don't think WBD is really going to give me what I want.?.

Attached you will see what I'm seeing. Any suggestions on which code I need to apply so I can have full EIGRP functionality?

thank you!


New Member

Re: Making a 3560 non EIGRP Stubborn :)

forgot the pic...

Re: Making a 3560 non EIGRP Stubborn :)

The key to this is that your running a 3560E, not a 3560. With the older 3560's to upgrade to L3 switching you had to upgrade the IOS to one that supported it. Legally you had to purchase a license also, but you could do it without one (illegally).

With the newer "E" series switches, both the 3560E and 3750E's, the IOS software is all the same, and the hardware has a license that enables features, such as full EIGRP routing vs. stub routing.

The only difference for images with/without the "k9" image is that the k9 images are crypto images, allow you to do SSL vs. telnet to the switch.