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Manage multicasting on another router?

Hi all,

Within our small lan we have a core 3750, that handles our intervlan routing and is the core of the network.

I recently looked into multicasting and set up a lab test with a 3550 with an EMI image and got the config to multicast to all vlans from one vlan, ready to go, at which point I found that our 3750 is IPBASE and doesn’t support multicasting.

Currently upgrading the switch or image is not an option due to funding.

My question is would it be possible and advisable to install our lab 3550 as a leg off the core, and in some way route multicasting traffic through that?

I just cant get my head around the concept of having a core switch essentially routing all vlans, and then having another switch route the same vlan traffic again for multicasting to all the vlans again.

Any advice on if this is even possible would be really appreciated.



Manage multicasting on another router?


what i m quickly thinking of is to stretch all vlans from the 3750 to the 3550 (with a trunk) and set up the l3 interfaces, routing and mrouting on the 3550.

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