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Match Incoming traffic from Nexus 2248

I am trying to create a service policy on a Nexus switch to match a certain class of traffic and I am having problems.


I have a server connected to a 2248 which is connected by port channel 10 to the 5548. and I want to create an access list that would classify the traffic from the host and put it into the correct cos-group. For what ever reason I cannot get it to work


Here is what I have


ip access-list SERVER_QOS
10 permit ip 172.16.10..0/24 any log

set dscp af11


class-map type qos match-any SERVER_QOS

match access-group name SERVER_QOS


class-map type queuing SERVER_QOS

match qos-group 4


policy-map type qos SERVER_QOS

class type qos SERVER_QOS

set qos-group 4


policy-map type queuing SERVER_QOS

class type queuing SERVER_QOS

bandwidth percent 50



Since this is a FEX I put the policy on the port-channel

interface port-channel 10

service-polity type qos input SERVER_QOS

service-policy type queuing input SERVER_QOS

service-policy type queuing output SERVER_QOS


When I do a show policy-map interface port-channel 10 I see the service policy applied


I never see any hits on the access-list or anything goes into cos-group 4. Everything seems to go in to the default class



Any ideas what I am missing

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Cisco Employee

Hi,As far as I know, QoS


As far as I know, QoS policy under FEX link is not supported.

You may apply the policy to system qos.



Jay Ocampo


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