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Maximum VLAN n VTP

hi there, i need to create a really high number of vlan to create service provider (metro ethernet). how many vlan are supported does the cisco switch support? is it depend on the ios or hw? i really wonder if vtp could accomodate my vlan, for example 4000 vlan. tq for kind response.

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Re: Maximum VLAN n VTP

Which switch are you referring to ?.

4096 vlans is the maximum supported although not all switches support this number. You will need to put the switch in VTP transparent mode. Bear in mind also that you may be able to create that many vlans but there will a limitation on the number of PVST+ instances you can run. You may want to look at MST.


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Re: Maximum VLAN n VTP

ok, i will use catalyst 2960, 2550, 3560, 3750. i am really dispointed. i have tried create the vlan database greater than 999 on cat 6509 using (config)#vlan database but it doesn't shown by using show vlan command.

how about 3750 metro series. how it helps? tq anyway:)

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Re: Maximum VLAN n VTP

You can't create vlans in the extended range using the vlan database method. On your 6500 try the other way ie.

6500(config)# vlan 4096

Couple of things. The switch allocates internal vlans in the 1000 range so when you are creating extended range vlans start at 4096 and work backwards. Alternatively you can use the command "sh vlan internal usage" to see which vlan numbers the switch has allocated itself.

Make sure switch is in VTP transparent mode.


New Member

Re: Maximum VLAN n VTP

tx for fast reply sir. in vlan database there exists vlan allocated for token ring, fddi. i only need ethernet. do u mean i can use all vlan number 1 - 4096. to make it clear the order is by creating vlan manually start from 1 to 1000, then create from 4096 to 1001. is it true? sorry i dont have catalyst in my hand. so i can't easily test. :)

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Re: Maximum VLAN n VTP

You can use any unused vlans. So you cannot use any vlans already in use whether they are for ethernet or not.

Also as previously mentioned the switch allocates some vlans internally ie. from one of our 6500 switches

SZ-JFH-F00-DTE1#sh vlan internal usage

VLAN Usage

---- --------------------

1006 online diag vlan0

1007 online diag vlan1

1008 online diag vlan2

1009 online diag vlan3

1010 online diag vlan4

1011 online diag vlan5

1012 PM vlan process (trunk tagging)

1013 Control Plane Protection

1014 L3 multicast partial shortcuts for VPN 0

1015 Egress internal vlan

1016 Multicast VPN 0 QOS vlan

1017 IPv6 Multicast Egress multicast

1018 GigabitEthernet3/1

1019 vrf_0_vlan0

The above vlan numbers cannot be allocated because the switch has already allocated them for it's own use. They are not user configurable.