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me3600x boot issue

I have been trying to recover a me3600x switch, see below:

switch: dir

List of filesystems currently registered:

                  bs[0]: (read-only)
              ucode1[2]: (read-write)
              xmodem[3]: (read-only)
                null[4]: (read-write)
                tftp[5]: (read-only)

switch: Flash_init
Unknown cmd: Flash_init

switch: flash_init
Initializing Flash...
...The flash is already initialized.

switch: mgmt_init
The "MAC_ADDR" environment variable is not set.
Can not execute command: MAC_ADDR is not available yet.
usage: mgmt_init

switch: set IP_ADDR
bs_open[1]: Unable to erase boot_block 0
vb:: I/O error

Any ideas would be greatly received.



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Post the output to the

Post the output to the command "dir flash:".

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switch: dir flash:unable to

switch: dir flash:
unable to stat flash:/: no such device


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You've got two choices:  1.

You've got two choices: 


1.  RMA the switch.  The Flash memory is either dislodged or faulty; 

2.  Open the lid, look for any detachable DIMM, eject it, clean it and reinsert back to the slot.

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I just recovered a bricked

I just recovered a bricked ME3600X last week.  I just put my image on an SD card and used the SD card slot on the front.  I did learn though, that it won't detect your SD card after boot.  You have to have your SD card in the ME3600X then boot it.  Hope this helps.

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