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ME3800 qos-group


I am trying to work on a qos setup where I want to use ip_acl to classify traffic and qos-group to (internally) mark incoming traffic on a layer-2 (trunk) interface (say INTF_IN).

[ This trunk interface is only carrying 1 vlan. I can see the policy picking up traffic on the basis of the defined ip_acl and the packets and byte counter incrementing. From this I am extracting that it is able to see the IP details coming over the trunk interface. ]



I then want to use that qos-group marking and prioritize traffic correspondingly, when the traffic goes out another layer-2 (access) interface (say INTF_OUT).



These two layer-2 interfaces (INTF_IN and INTF_OUT) provide connectivity in between two routers.



Classification on the out-going policy on INTF_OUT does not seem to to be picking up the qos-group classification, made by the incoming policy on INTF_IN.

[Here I am assuming that the internal coloring/marking of qos-group is visible to the outgoing interface. Software config guide seems to confirm this functionality as well and in fact suggests that as a way to get around the limitation where ip_acl cannot be used to classify traffic in the outgoing policy.]



1) As a separate test to confirm if the ME3800 is able to see the IP details on the incoming trunk interface (INTF_IN), I set up random DSCP values and could confirm that the traffic was getting marked. So this makes me be very sure that the ME3800 is actually picking up IP details from the trunk link/interface (INTF_IN).

2) I also tried to use Input-Interface with vlan but came to know that it is not supported on the incoming policy.

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