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Memory Besides Cisco

Has anyone used memory besides Cisco bought ram when upgrading. We need to upgrade our Sup2 and MSFC2 and the prices are ridiculous. I am looking to test a regular brand memory but thought I would ask first to see what experiences anyone has had.

Cisco Employee

Re: Memory Besides Cisco

Hi Clifton,

Many networkers around will recommend you with their own experience and may recommend third party flash cards are supported and works fine but with my experience complete switch had crashed sometimes because of using 3 party flash cards.

Also Cisco will never recommned/support usage of 3rd party flash cards.



New Member

Re: Memory Besides Cisco

How about third party companies like Kingston that are labeled for that particular device. What we are looking to upgrade is the RAM on our sup and msfc and Kingston offers a much cheaper solution that states it is for our model. Has anyone tried their memory made for Cisco devices?

Cisco Employee

Re: Memory Besides Cisco

We never recommend to have 3rd party RAM and flash on the switches. As suggested by Ankur that most of the time it will crash the switch or will not work. Moreover the same will not be supported by Ciso TAC if you face any DRAM related issue in the near future.

If you still want to give it a shot, my suggestion for you would be try arranging RAM on rental or testing basis and return it if that doesnot work. We will always recommend you run only the Cisco hardware on the boxes as the same are tested on Cisco devices and supported by the TAC.

-amit singh

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