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Microsoft load balancing with 3560 swwitch


I need a kind help urgently.

I have 1 3560 switch connecting few servers. my server vlan is vlan 50.

i have many servers in this vlan among that for 2 servers i need to do load balanincing using microsoft load balanicng technology.

as per the documentation i see the commands and method to do this.

it is

arp <ip add> <mac address>

mac-add-table static <mac> vlan <vlan-id> interface <interface 1 interface 2>

but when i try to do the same in the 3560 it is not accepting the command -

arp <ip add> <mac address>

asking for <type>

I add type ARPA after that if i put ? can see fa interface, vlan, gig, port channel etc... also <cr>, what is this? what is the exact command syntax here?as of now i add it like this

arp 192.x.x.x 123c.xxxx.xxxx arpa


mac-add-table static 123c.xxxx.xxxx vlan 50 interface fa 0/1 fa 0/2

will it make any issue for the other servers in the same vlan ?




Re: Microsoft load balancing with 3560 swwitch

You don't need specify the interface.

Switch will find out which interface the packet should be sent out by searching mac table.

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Re: Microsoft load balancing with 3560 swwitch

You would only need the 'arp' command if the 3560 is doing L3. Here are the configs you'll require:

arp 192.x.x.x XXXX.YYYY.VVVV ARPA alias

mac-address-table static XXXX.YYYY.VVVV vlan 50 interface fa0/1 fa0/2.

The important thing to note for is before you issue the command, have a look at the multicast counter under some interfaces on your switch. Clear the interface counter on all interfaces and configure the commands. Once configured, check that only fa0/1 and fa0/2 receive multicast traffic and no other ports on the switch.

The commands won't have any issue on the other servers.

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