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Microsoft Network Load Balancing across Cisco 3750G Switches

We have two Windows Terminal Servers running WIndows 2003 s/w. Each Server is connected to a seperate Cisco 3750G Switch running IOS 12.2.25

Both Servers are in the same Vlan. Each server has its own IP address. But use a single Virtual IP Address which inturn uses a single mac address. This causes the switches to see the same virtual mac address on two switch ports and causes a problem connecting.

Does anyone have a work around for this ?

Many thanks



Re: Microsoft Network Load Balancing across Cisco 3750G Switches

Hi Mike,

having active/active can sometimes cause a lot of issues.. i have seen it in some of the customer places here.. since it is a virtual IP and MAC, it keeps shifting between the ports, and we can experience packet drops.. apart from that, a lot of TCNs are generated due to which the switch CPU can go high ... It is always advisible to have the active/standby configuration for the best results..... u can also think of etherchanneling to the 3750 stack, if possible !!! just a wild thought ....

Hope this helps.. all the best...


Re: Microsoft Network Load Balancing across Cisco 3750G Switches

maybe we can think of using Server Load Balancing feature which is a Cisco IOS-based solution that provides IP server load balancing. Using the IOS SLB feature, the network administrator defines a virtual server that represents a group of real servers in a cluster of network servers known as a server farm.

check this URL to get more information.

HTH, rate if it does ...

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