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Migrate from 4503 to 4506 with minimum downtime?

We currently have a catalyst 4503. We are going to upgrade to a 4506. Not sure of the correct terminology, but I want internet connectivity on both switches while I convert the cat runs and patch cables from the 4503 to the 4506. Is it as simple as patching in a cable to the gig port on the 4503 to a gig port on the 4506. If it makes a difference, we dont have a router. Is there any special cmds or config on the 4506 to make this work. If this sound unclear or if you need more info, let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Migrate from 4503 to 4506 with minimum downtime?


A bit more information would be useful but yes you can simply run a gigabit connection from your 4503 to your 4506 while you transition across.

Whether you connect the 2 switches with a Layer 3 or Layer 2 link depends on what you have on your 4503. if you want to share the vlans across the switches then make the link a layer 2 trunk . This would allow you to migrate devices one by one.

When you have finished migrating all devices out of one vlan from the 4503 to the 4506 you will just need to create the L3 vlan interface on the 4506 and shutdown the L3 vlan interface on the 4503.

If you do use a L2 trunk link you can make the 4503 a VTP server and the 4506 a VTP client which will automatically create all the L2 vlans on the 4506.

If this doesn't meet your requirements please let us know


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Re: Migrate from 4503 to 4506 with minimum downtime?

Per the vlans, I only have the default, vlan 1, and vlan 2 which is, I guess, the routed vlan.

Heres a look, not sure if this helps any:

interface Vlan1

ip address

ip helper-address 206.248.X.X


interface Vlan2

ip address 206.248.X.X 255.255.X.X


ip default-gateway 206.248.X.X

ip route 206.248.X.X

ip route 206.248.X.X 255.255.X.X 206.248.X.X

So, is this setup a little simpler than what you mentioned about vtp and trunking? Or am I still required to setup vlans, trunking, etc? I guess when finished migrating devices, I just create these 2 vlans and ip routes on the 4506?

Thanks Jon

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Re: Migrate from 4503 to 4506 with minimum downtime?

Well it is a bit simpler with just 2 vlans.

For minimum downtime you could

1) Connect the 2 switches with a L2 trunk

2) Create the 2 vlans on the 4506 switch

3) This step is optional.

You can just start to migrate the devices across and when you have finished as you say transfer the routing and L3 interfaces for the vlans.


You could run HSRP between your 2 switches. Make sure the 4503 has the better priority. the advantage of this is that when you have finished you can simply shutdown your trunk port connecting your 2 switches and the L3 interfaces on your 4506 will take over.

It really depends on how minimum you want your downtime to be.



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