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Migrating to new ip address range

I have a building that is using a series of /24 subnets built with real ip address (i.e. not the 10, 172, or 192 private ranges).  I need to move them to a private ip ranges but with as little disruption as possible.  My thoughts are to create the new /24 10. ranges and assign them as secondary ip addresses to the existing vlans.  The next step would be to shut down the dhcp pools for the non rfc1918 address ranges to force the workstations to get a new 10.x range when they go to renew their ip address.  Once it appears that the workstations have all gotten addresses from the new pool, we would remove the original ip address range and make the ip address range configured as a secondary to be the primary).

Any better way to do this ?



Migrating to new ip address range

1. I would pick whatever private IP address range you want to use.

2. Create secondary IP addresses on the public /24 subnets that you have

3. Remember to choose either Dynamic NAT and or PAT (I don't think you want to use Static NAT)

4. Make sure to configure the switch appropriately

5. I would test to see if everything works before you deploy this into production.

Also, if you have any firewalls, you may need to adjust firewall rules as well.

If you do enough planning and prelimary work this shouldn't be to much of a problem.

Re: Migrating to new ip address range

1- Create New Vlans For the New Private Ranges

2- Create the new DHCP pools for the New IP Ranges

3- Assign the same type of permissions to those Vlans (NAT, ACL, FIREWALL, ETC)

4-Make Sure Inter VLAN routing is enabled and you can route between the new and the old VLANS

5- Start Migrating Switch Ports from the OLD Vlans to the new ones (Clients should get New ips as soon as the renew it and have the same permissions while still mantaining contact with the Non-migrated Ports)

As John Said: A good planning will get you through this like a piece of cake

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