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Migrating to VSS


We are planning the upgrade of 2 catalyst 6000 to 2 newer catalyst 6506.

when this move is completed, i want them to work in vss mode (as a single switch).

those to old 6000 are on my production network working together with hsrp (int vlans).

One 6506 is currently on the network in non vss mode and i must replace one 6000

before adding the second 6506 on my network. (i can't do both at the same time).

What is the best way to to do this keeping in mind that i want them working in vss mode ?

Is it better to convert them to vss first before doing the move ?

Will i loose all my running config when converting to vss mode ?

what is the best migration steps


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Re: Migrating to VSS


Its possible to migrate to Cisco VSS without interupting the network operations but its advisable to do it during offline hours just incase anything happens. This is simple process but requires one to fullyunderstand the VSS technology.

The below link will be helpful;

Kind regards,


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Re: Migrating to VSS

Hello desrochj1 ,

I have just implemented a VSS Distribution at my current project, it required only a few commands to convert from standalone to VSS mode but I'd strongly suggested for you to search on CCO and read all VSS documents, you need to understand the behavior of VSS machine and what to expect. There're more than 1 VSS doc, I've found VSS design guide, VSS 1440, VSS Q&A. You should configure Dual-Active Detection feature as it's very important to have if the VSL link goes down. I have implemented all features in the "cisco best practices". To form a VSS you need two 6509s if I were you I will schedule for a down time after hours and convert the 6509s to VSS. Make sure they both have same IOS version.

Good Luck


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Re: Migrating to VSS


Did you also upgrade your Sups to Sup-720-VS?



Re: Migrating to VSS

Hello Desrochj1,

In case of you are using LMS (from 3.0) AND in case of hardware and software compatibility AND in case of you are intersted in it (otherwise just fyi) the VSS conversion is also possible with Ciscoworks LMS from existing standalone switches with the LMS VSS configuration wizard.


In LMS 3.0.1, RME has a new GUI wizard to help  convert the standalone switches to a virtual switching system. The  conversion wizard will first check whether the switch pairs are ready  for conversion, both for hardware and software. Then by following the  wizard workflow, the user can easily convert the standalone switches to  VSS from the web interface without going through the command-line  interface (CLI).

The conversion tool will generate the required  CLI commands based on the user input and will push the configuration to  the devices using RME cwcli.

By simply choosing the first and second switches, RME will check both the software and hardware to make sure  VSS can be supported by these devices and then deploy the needed  configurations to the switches to complete the conversion.