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MLS VTP-Domain Issue


I am attempting to configure a router interface as the mls management interface.

Router(config)# mls rp ip

Router(config)# interface gi0/0

Router(config-if)# mls rp vtp-domain blah

Router(config-if)# mls rp vlan-id 107

Router(config-if)# mls rp ip

Router(config-if)# mls rp management-interface

My issue is with the vtp-domain command. Whenever I enter it, I get a message saying "interface gigabitEthernet0/0 currently in -null- domain"

I was wondering if anybody could shed any light on the issue.


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Re: MLS VTP-Domain Issue

Hello Brian,

may you check with sh mls on the L2 switch if the RP is accepted by the switch ?

on the Router try to use:

show mls rp vtp-domain blah

Usage Guidelines

The assigned IPX MLS interface must be either an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet interface-both without subinterfaces.


The following example shows how to assign the MLS interface to the VTP domain named engineering:

Router(config-if)# mls rp vtp-domain engineering


I wonder if you need it from your config it looks like you haven't subifs.

In first edition of CCNP switching says it is needed on the physical port on a trunk with VLAN subifs.

If you haven't a trunk port VTP info isn't exchanged with the switch.

I think that or you need mls rp vlan-id X or you use mls rp vtp-domain blah

the first is needed to inform the router its interface is in Vlan X for the switch and is used on a port without subifs connected to an access port on the switch.

the second is for a trunk port with Vlan subifs.

Or simply you need to provide the mls rp vtp-domain as the last command after mls rp ip.

I remember there was a trick about this.

Hope to help


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