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Monitoring all traffic from a VLAN to the cloud

              I have a requirement to monitor all traffic going from the internal LAN to the cloud. 

The LAN is a layer 2 VLAN  which spans multiple Cisco 4507 switched and other smaller switches.

The VLAN has an IP address which the hosts use as the default gateway.

The exit port is on a Cisco 3600X switch connecrted to 4507 #1 via a 10G fiber link.

4507 #1 connects the rest of the LAN.

Those switches interconnect via 10G fiber and 1G copper links.

Currently the monitor host is connected to a 1G copper port, configured as a monitor port,  on one of the backside 4507s

The switch manager says he has the switches configured so that I can see all traffic on the VLAN.

Is that posible?

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Monitoring all traffic from a VLAN to the cloud

RSPAN will allow you to see traffic from all switches. The switch will have a vlan specified for a remote span session and then your source traffic will specify that vlan as the destination. The vlan will be on the trunk leading to whatever switch your monitoring host is set up on. The switch that your monitoring host is on will be set up as a span session that monitors the remote span vlan as the source with the destination as the port that your monitoring system is connected to.



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