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More specific routes

I advertise the following subnet into eigrp I have a situation where I want traffic to a couple of servers within this subnet to follow a different path. If I add more specific static routes to these servers and redistribute these static routes into eigrp as below will the traffic destined for the servers follow one path and any other traffic within this subnet follow the usual path?

ip route

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Re: More specific routes


Yes that will work. The other alternative is to use PBR if needed.


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Re: More specific routes

Thanks. Following on from this I have a scenario where I want traffic to use a backup link when the main link is unavailable.

My plan is to have static routes which point to the main link and redistribute these into EIGRP. For the backup link I will have the same static routes which are redistributed into EIGRP but pointing to a different next

hop with an AD of 200. Having not done this before I just want to be sure this will work.


Re: More specific routes

Yes, this should work fine as long as the static routes have identical subnet masks, making them identical routes.


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Re: More specific routes

The main link isn't directly to our network its through a subsidury company who we don't share routing information with so we would have no idea if this link went down. We would have to be informed from our subsidury if the link went down so the only solution I can think of would be to use a manual process and remove the routes to the main link if there was a problem. The routes with the higher AD should then kick in.


Re: More specific routes

Im not sure I have the full picture.

With whom does the main router peer?

If not the subsidiary, with whom?

If you dont exchange routing information with them, to whom are you trying to advertise routes to your servers?

maybe a drawing would help and a detailed explanation.

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