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Mpls and Vpn

Would like to know if you can specify a general static route with mpls.  I have three sites in a hub and spoke. Spoke A is linked to the hub site via a site vpn to a hub site isr.  Spoke B is linked to the hub via mpls to a standalone mpls isr.  I can’t get from spoke A to B and from spoke B to A.  The mpls isp tells me that I cannot do this because spoke A’s local subnet is not part of the mpls peering(and is on another isp).  Don’t have a lot of familiarity with mpls but  I am wondering why you cannot do a static route of the form: ip route <spoke A lan> <mask> <hub site isr> in either of the mpls isr’s? 

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Hi,So:B --- mpls ----- HUB --



B --- mpls ----- HUB ---- vpn ---- A.

HUB connects to A and B, right?

I do not see any problem on doing a static route like you said on the client vrf (client from isp point of view).

Maybe they are afraid of backdoor route on the mpls (not the case) or there are some conflicts between mpls management ip addressing and spoke A lan.

I have various similar configurations in mpls with static routes, ospf , rip and bgp without any problems and using different isps.

Ask your mpls isp what is the reason to not create that static? Instead you can ask to make default to a router in your management.



Pedro Lereno




you can do GRE tunnel over

you can do GRE tunnel over mpls and static routes over GRE from B to HUB and A


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